Delivering virtual assessments for autism and ADHD in England

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, your go-to resource for answers to common queries about our autism and ADHD online virtual assessment service. 

We are only able accept patients who are 18 years or over and have been referred to us by Hampshire ICB for an ASD or ADHD assessment. 

We are now accepting new referrals for ASD via NHS Right to Choose. Please see the Right to Choose page for more information. 

Our service is a Virtual Service, and all assessments are carried out using Zoom.

Yes, please let the admin team know when discussing your assessment and they will ask you to put this in writing to us via letter or email.

No. Providing you have access to the internet, and a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a webcam (either internal or external) and a microphone, then you will be able to attend a consultation.

Most up-to-date computers and laptops will already have a camera and microphone installed.
Once your booking is confirmed, you will be emailed a link to access your meeting at the appointed time.

We strongly advise all clients to test their equipment prior to the consultation. We cannot be held responsible for the failure of equipment locally due to lack of preparation. However, in certain situations due to technical failures beyond anyone’s control, the appointment can be re-scheduled.

The diagnosis and treatment plan are formulated on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the doctor or other practitioner. Our practitioners will consider your requests, but their advice is based on their objective examination, etc. The issues our practitioners deal with are in the professional domain, and specific results (like a certain diagnosis or treatment) cannot be “ordered”.

Each appointment you have is approximately 45 to 60 mins and you will be booked in for two appointments approximately one week apart. A further appointment may be necessary if the practitioners were unable to complete the assessment during that time.

S4D+ clinical admin team will explain the assessment and
diagnostic process to you during the booking-in process.

For some types of assessments, you may be sent some questionnaires
and rating scales to complete.


Some assessments may involve an initial session to run through
diagnostic questionnaires with you to prepare the necessary information for the
Psychiatrist to consider.

If you are undergoing an assessment for ADHD you will  you will need to go to your local pharmacy or make an appointment to see your GP or practice nurse to get your height, weight and blood pressure measured.


Yes, you and your GP will be emailed a report with 30 days from the date of your final assessment appointment, however on some occasion’s delays can occur.

If you fail to attend a booked appointment without giving us notice of cancellation of the booking, we will allow you to rearrange the appointment and if you fail to attend this appointment you will be discharged back to the care of your GP. If you still require an assessment or treatment your GP will need to make a new referral via the appropriate channels.


Sometimes patients would also like further support to help them manage their condition or access wider community support.

Psychological Therapy is part of many successful modern treatment plans. If you are interested in finding out more about therapy, please indicate and S4D will send you the information of those services available in your area and how to access them.

This section is only relevant to ADHD patients

Please note that the ADHD service is currently only open to Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB referrals, we are currently unable to offer this service for Right to Choose patients.

These appointments are to discuss medication and how you are progressing.  Each appointment is approximately 15 minutes long.

Your ADHD review appointment are to discuss the effects and efficacy of your medication. They are not counselling/therapy sessions.

Titration is the process that introduces your body to medication safely and works out the most suitable medication and dose for you. 

Safe clinical practice involves careful prescriber monitoring and supervision until you have reached a stable or ‘optimised’ dose to help you achieve the maximum benefit with minimum side effects.

Your prescriber will ask you for regular feedback (including the reporting of any side effects).

The titration process is personalised to the individual and we do not place a specific timeframe on the length of the titration journey. On average the process lasts 8-12 weeks, but the timeframe can be shorter or longer, depending on the individual.

We will write to your GP surgery requesting for them to agree for a shared care agreement so they can continue to prescribe your medication.

We provide NHS prescriptions so you will only be charged the NHS Prescription price. If you have a prescription exemption or a Prescription prepayment certificate can you please let the Doctor and the admin staff know. Proof of either will need to be provided to your nominated pharmacy.

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